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Web Design

Web Design is more than building elegant looking websites with fancy interactive graphics and animations. It’s about making an impact and leaving an impression on visitors. A website should reflect the person or business it represents. A website is effective when it gives voice to your message, effectively communicating and connecting you with your audience. We believe your website should be a natural extension of yourself or your business and it should make reaching out and communicating with your audience easier.

We always take the time to communicate with you at length, in order to tease out and establish what your core message is, what your brand identity should look like and how we can best articulate that in the design or your website. We believe that any website we design should begin with an thorough understanding of who you are and who you want to reach in order for us to design with your personality and vision in mind.


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Graphic Design

Graphic design is an important part of communicating your message to your audience, but it can be a challenge expressing your ideas in graphic form. Many of our clients have ideas for their brand image that they want to see turned into a reality and we can help. From logos that make an impact to posters, fliers and stationary that communicate your message and brand, we can bring your ideas to life.

You may already have logos and graphics you want to see developed into marketing material. We can help you with that as well. Together we can develop the material you need for your marketing and identity.


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Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of marketing and communication, both for businesses for individuals. Social media connects you with your audience in real time unlike ever before. There are so many important benefits to social media that we think are so important for our clients that we have added social media to our list of services.

Whether it’s a first time set up or a fine tune of your existing social media platforms, we can help you effectively reach your audience in an interactive way you may have never experienced before. We can help you integrate social media into your routine communication with your audience in an easy and natural way.


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Images play an important role in communicating who you are, what you do and what you are interested in sharing with your audience. From business portraits to product shots, it helps to have quality images to communicate your message with a statement. Often a situation requires that your images communicate a visceral and effective message.

In addition to helping you share your message, images play an important role in the design and experience of a website. They help shape the feel and layout of a site while putting an exclamation point on your message that can leave a lasting impact on your audience.

If you live locally we can help you by capturing your images.  Whether portraits, product, landscape or architecture we can collaborate with you in capturing some beautiful images to help you bring your site to life and make a statement that words alone can not.


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Branding is about creating an experience based off of who you or your business are that your audience can identify with. Being identifiable is important. You want your audience to think of you when they hear a catch phrase or a familiar tune, or see a recognizable shape  or a set of colors in an add or on display.

Think of McDonald’s. That catch phrase and tune – “Da da da da da i’m lovin it” That shape and those red and gold colours –

Branding is about creating a visceral experience that is recalled by your audience every time those sights, sounds, phrases and tunes are triggered and engage. We can help you use your brand identity as it’s in incorporated into your website and used across your social media. We take what has been established as your identity and use it to help form who you are in an online world.


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How we get you noticed in an online world

Together we plan out the project

The first step is to sit down with you and find out who you are and what you want to say. We want to know what your message is and who you want to reach. We work with you in order to map out your ideas and vision in order to shape your online presence.

We work together to decide what information is important and relevant to accomplishing your goals. We work together to decide what shape you want your website to take and what it should look like visusally. Together we determine what functionality your site will need in order to service your target audience effectively. We let you know what we require from you and you will let us know what your vision and goals are. This all helps us form a plan to begin our project.

We design the website

The second step begins by taking all the information we have gathered in our initial discussion with you and begin the design of your website. With all the information we have gathered about you and your vision we can start to develop your online presence. We are also able to help develop logos and graphic material if needed that will be incorporated into the design of your site and for use in your branding and social media platforms. If you already have material then we will use it to help shape the look and feel of your website.

We develop your site in stages. This offers you the opportunity to approve or ask for changes and alterations along the way, making sure that you are part of the process. We are not finished until you are satisfied.

We establish your online presence

After we have received final approval and you have ‘signed off’ on your website, we can begin the finishing and polishing work. We can help you with the setup of your social media platforms ( If you need it ) and finish off the intergration and connection of each platform.

Additionally, we will teach you how to take control of your website and social media so that you feel comfortable maintaining and managing your online presence. We want your future to be free from being tethered to us. We will still be here if you want our help but that should be a decision and not a requirement. The last thing we do is teach you how to access and make content changes to your site and then ‘hand it over to you’. These are our 3 simple steps.

“Our team is dedicated to making sure that your online presence represents who you are to your online audience.”

It's all about your vision!

It’s important that we involve you in the process of building your online presence. All along the way, we want you to feel comfortable giving your feedback to help guide the design of your website. Your satisfaction is important to us and we will work hard to make sure your vision is our goal for your website.

We are so happy to have the help getting started in reaching our audience online!

Amlec Organic

I was very happy to work with someone who was patient and careful to take the time to understand who I was and who I wanted to reach. Seeing my vision come to life online was amazing!
The Victorious Woman

These guys are awesome. We love the way our site looks and we have been very happy with the ongoing support.
St’át’imc Eco-Resources

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